When I decided to move to a foreign country, not knowing anyone and not speaking much of the language many told me I was crazy, but really, how did moving to one of the safest cities in Mexico turned out? Truth be told, for me, it’s paradise.

Though not as active as other cities in the country, Merida has a lot of activities to offer on a daily basis, as well as an amazing night life. And not only that, the city is not as urbanized as the biggest cities in the country so there are a lot of benefits that come from that, here I tell you all the ways in which my life has changed since moving here:

My health overall improved

I used to suffer from a lot of from breathing problems due to all the smog from the city, but since I came to Yucatan it all improved, basically, the air her is much cleaner than anywhere else thanks to the great amounts of jungle and nature there is.

I learned a whole new culture

Mayan and colonial influence are present all over the city, by moving here I learned not only about mexican contemporary culture, but the extent the mayan indigenous culture has had on it. The cuisine in Yucatan too, is exquisite and different from anything you’ve ever tried before.

Besides, the city is full of museums and cultural activity you can try every weekend so you can really soak yourself on its seuure and share with its people.

I can now experience a new adventure every weekend

There’s a lot to get to know in the peninsula besides what you see in Merida, the area is known for all of the cenotes, towns and mayan ruins there are. Luckily, most of these are very near the city, so if you plan it efficiently you can meet a new place every weekend without ever getting bored.

I can get everywhere much faster

From going to work, school or everyday chores like doing the groceries, you can accomplish everything faster since there is almost no traffic. If you’re like me and hate traffic more than anything, this is your place to go.

I started saving tons of money

I can’t say I’ve ever had trouble making ends meet, but somehow, ever since I moved to Merida money lasts much longer and I can make a lot more with it. By moving here I was able to acquire a high-end luxury department on the outskirts of the city for a very reasonable price and I can still do a ton of other activities.

I regained my mental stability

The sum of all these factors affected what I deem more important: my mental stability, since I stopped worrying about my family’s and my own safety, as well as all the unnecessary stress provoked by the city and excessive workload I could start thinking clearly again.

Overall, I’ve become a happier and more relaxed person who has reached a much more stable point in my life and I’m able experience a better life quality.

As you can see, making this change had a huge positive impact on my life and I think anyone could benefit from taking this kind of challenges and seeing how their life can improve.


Article from http://info.parquetuunich.com/blog/how-moving-to-merida-mexico-changed-my-life